Childhood by Markus Natten

A ppt to explain the poem


The speaker pondered deeply upon the spiritual questions of life and ultimately  realized the fact that his childhood days were finally gone down into the past  of eternity for good and would never return. Childhood would now only remain in  his memories. He wandered if the end of childhood was the day he ceased to be  eleven years old. The time when he realized that Heaven and earth could not be  found in Geography and never could be.
Where did his  childhood go? Was it the time he realized that adults were not all they seemed  to be? They talked of love and they preached of love, but did not act so  lovingly nor practiced what they preached. Was that the day. Where did his  childhood go? Was it when he found out that his mind was really his? To use it  whichever way he chose? To produce thoughts that was not those of other people  but his and his alone. Was that the day? Where did his childhood go? It went to  some forgotten place that is hidden in a baby’s face. That was all that he knew  and that was all that he remembered.



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