The Browning Version

The Browning Version

Terence Rattigan

MOVIE (The Part Given in the Syllabus)



17 comments on “The Browning Version

  1. Thank you ma’am for posting the movie.
    As it is the complete movie, it will take time. And wonderful blog for us to understand the lessons better.
    Tushar (XI A)

  2. Thanku you mam for makin this chapter easy with the help of this video and as you said..i saw the main part of this video and its a interesting one..

  3. Some really helpful work, visuals are always the best ways ways to learn. Just three words …………… things got easier

  4. i found another interesting movie based on it , here’s the link, the cool thing is that its a recent one (compared to this one) its a 1994 movie (yes, coloured) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  5. Mam I have watched the video ,it was good indeed & it even helped me to memorize all the incidents happened in the story. Thank u.

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