Flamingo (Prose) (Credits: JNV, NV, KV (Inservice Course, ZIET)
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Flamingo (Poems)
Level 1 Basic Questions and Value Points Click Here
Level 2 Intermediate Questions and Value Points Click Here
Level 3 HOTS and Value Points Click Here

Poetic Devices in all poems

My Mother at Sixty – Six

1.       Personification – Trees sprinting

2.       Simile – Pale as a late winter’s moon

3.       Imagery – young children , trees sprinting backwards

4.       Metaphor – Merry children spilling out of their homes

5.       Repetition – smile and smile and smile

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum

1.       Simile – windows shut like catacombs, hair like rootless weeds, like bottle bits on stones

2.       Metaphor – language is the sun, lead sky

3.       Imagery – children weighed down by poverty

4.       Repetition – break o break

5.       Symbolism – sun (enlightenment), green fields (regeneration), windows (opportunities)

Keeping Quiet

1.       Repetition – Let’s – to create a bond between listeners

2.       Simile – earth can teach us as when …

3.       Symbolism – brothers (show harmony), clean clothes (no enmity)

A Thing of Beauty

1.       Metaphor- sweet dreams, flowery band, endless fountain of immortal drink

2.       Alliteration – noble natures, cooling covert, band to bind

3.       Transferred epithet – gloomy days

4.       Imagery – flowery wreath, shady boon, green world, clear rills, cooling covert, endless fountain

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

1.       Alliteration – fingers fluttering, prancing proud

2.       Irony – tigers drawn by aunt Jennifer are bold while the creator is weak

3.       Imagery – bright topaz

4.       Symbolism – wedding band (oppression of marriage), tigers (freedom), Aunt Jennifer (oppressed women), uncle (male chauvinism)

Courtesy: http://liveenglish12.blogspot.in/2012/12/poetic-devices-in-all-poems.html

Checklist for Class XII

1. Prediction of the astrologer 2. Tiger hunt 3. Steps to retain his kingdom 4. Hunting the hundredth tiger 5. Conceit of those in power 6. Humour and satire 7. Dramatic IronyTHE ENEMY
1. Sadao in America 2. Wife, Hana 3. Sadao’s father 4. Harbouring enemy 5. Moral dilemma of Sadao 6. Reaction of servants
7. General Takima 8. Who is our enemy? 9. The American soldierSHOULD WIZARD HIT MOMMY
1. The common pattern of Jack’s stories 2. Other possible endings for the story 3. Jack feels in ugly middle position-reason 4. Adult’s perspective Vs Child’s perspective

1. Character of Lamb, Derry 2.Title 3. Lamb’s garden 4. Derry’s change in perspective after the association with Lamb

1. Character of Evans, the governor(good- for- a giggle, gullible) 2. Preparations for the exam 3. Evans’ plot to escape-detail 4. Battle of wits

The Cutting of My Long Hair-Zitkala Sa
1. The discipline at the Carlisle Indian School 2. Prejudice against Native American culture and women 3. Judewin’s warning to the narrator 4. Cutting of the hair-the hardest trial 5. The narrator’s mother’s words about shingled hair 6. Indignities faced by the narrator

We Too are Human Beings-Bama
1. The fun and games that held the attention of Bama way back from school
2. A man carrying vadai to landlord 3. Untouchability/Caste discrimination
4. Her elder brother’s(Annan) experience with landlord’s men
5. Her elder brother’s advice


1. Linguistic conquest 2. Changes in the school (Franz’s guilt and realization)
3. Bulletin board 4. M.Hamel and his inspiration
5.French language

1. Saheb’s story 2. Ragpickers of Seemapuri 3. story from Udipi
4. Garbage-meanings 5. Mukesh’s story 6. Bangle makers of Firozabad
7. Hurdles in becoming cooperative 8.Two distinct worlds.

1. Aversion to water-beginning 2. Experience at Y.M.C.A. pool
3. Steps to overcome fear 4. Narration of fear

1. The idea of the world being a big rat trap 2. Crofter at Ramsjo Ironworks
3. Stealing of thirty kronor 4. Meeting with the Iron master 5. Mistaken identity-Captain Von Stahle 6. Edla Willmansson 7. Christmas Eve
8. Christmas present & the letter 9. Essential goodness in a human being can be awakened through understanding and love-Selma Lagerlof

1. RajKumar Shukla 2. Problems of Indigo sharecroppers/peasants of Champaran 3. Gandhiji’s arrival at Champaran-measures adopted to help the peasants. 4. Cultural and social reform in Champaran

1. Adolescent hero worship 2. Character of Sophie, Jansie, Geoff 3.Title
4. Fantasy Vs Reality 5. Sophie’s family background




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