4 comments on “A Thing of Beauty

    • Page 74 KVS SM
      C 3 because total inactivity means death. He dont want inactivity of death. He wants the people to do self introspection
      4 Same as C 3

  1. also at page 77
    ques for practice 1. b,c,c complete 2 n 3 part
    short ans ques 1,2,3,5,6,7,8
    page 80 ques for practice
    1. c,d,e
    page 81 ques for practice

    • Page 77
      1 b by giving us relief and hope, and binding us with earth
      c. A place of relief from the problems and tensions of life
      For mare detailed information of other questions do see Basic Questions Poems on Flamingo Page

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