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Summer Vacation Homework

Class XII

Subject: English

Session 2012-13

  • Project on The Hound of the Baskervilles

Make a file and write the work given below in white ruling sheet only in your own handwriting.

  1. Your Name, Class & Section, Roll Number
  2. Brief introduction of the author
  3. Overall Summary of the Novel (Take help from Wikipedia/ summary posted at
  4. Main points/ summary chapter wise
  5. Map: Landscape of  Dartmoor
  6. Family tree of Baskerville family with personality traits
  7. Character Analysis: Sherlock Holmes, Dr Mortimer, Sir Henry Baskerville, Mr Stapleton,  Miss/Mrs Stapleton

(Additional: Character Chart Printout from the blog)

  1. Theme of the Novel.
  • Do note-making of the all remaining lessons from both Vistas and Flamingo. Use not more than 4 abbreviations. DO NOT WRITE SUMMARY.


Best of Luck


All the Best

CBSE Answer Sheet Specimen

A. Page 1

Copy 1

B. Instructions



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