Podcast Library

Radio Plays

Mother’s Day (Radio Play by Debabrata, Akansh, Deeksha, Pratiksha, Surbhi, Akhil & Tushar)

Introduction,  Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part4, Part 5


Class XI

    • 1.1 The Portrait of a Lady by Sushma Click Here
    • 1.2 We’re Not Afraid to Die… if We Can All Be Together by Rohit Kumar Click Here
    • 1.3 Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues by Harshit Click Here
    • 1.4 The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role by Yash Click Here
    • 1.5 The Browning Version by Pinky Mourya Click Here
    • 1.6 A Photograph by Anju Click Here
    • 1.7 The Voice of the Rain by Bhavesh Click Here
    • 1.8 Childhood by Soumya Click Here
    • 1.9 Father to Son by Tushar Click Here
  • 3 The Canterville Ghost      Click Here
Class XII

Reading Projects

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

(Pooja Lingwal XI D) Click Here

(Swati XID)            Click Here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat     Click Here

(Lakshit Gaba XID)


4 comments on “Podcast Library

  1. 😀 our “radio show”………..!! greaT work……..n oviously we enjoyed the time….or the whole time we all were there in making of this…thankyou mam… 🙂

  2. This blog is simply superb , AWESOME now after approx 3 years we got an English teacher and privileged to have u ma’am

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